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AP Series
AP1020 - Amplifier - 2x 400w @ 2 or 4 Ohms

Unique 2 or 4 Ohm optimum load operation gives the AP1020 amp flexible output power as required. A simple user definable configuration allows it to deliver 400 Watts per channel continuous average into either 2 or 4 Ohms. The switchable limiter prevents audible clipping while maintaining full output.

AP Series Overview

AudioPro AP-Series power amplifiers are built to withstand heavy-duty live sound reinforcement, touring systems or installation. They are the culmination of Yorkville’s forty years of design and manufacturing experience for the music industry, and include features most in demand by audio professionals. They are the ideal choice when high headroom and low distortion are needed, especially when reproducing the dynamic range and clarity of today’s digital recordings.

Yorkville’s AudioPro AP-Series power amplifiers are designed for rock solid performance right down to and below their lowest impedance ratings. An ‘impedance aware’ design strategy deals with the realities of driving typical reactive speaker loads and they address the associated problems such as thermal shutdown, inductive 'snap-back', and premature current limiting. They will easily drive reactive phase shifted loads with no difficulty - even though they are still fully protected from accidental short circuits.

AudioPro amplifiers feature advanced protection schemes including DC current, load, thermal and breaker protection as well as a user-defeatable peak limiter that is transparent below clipping levels. A ‘soft turn-on’ circuit eliminates damage to attached components and prevents nuisance breaker-tripping. The computer-optimized (Silentfan™) front-to-back heat dissipation system incorporates ultra-quiet, variable-speed internal fans and are designed to ensure that excessive thermal stress will not occur. For ease of maintenance and to ensure efficient cooling, the amplifiers are supplied with long-life, faceplate-mounted, user serviceable, air intake filters. Front panel Power, Protect, Activity and Clip LED's are bright and easy to see and all knobs and handles are recessed for safe, easy transportation.

The internal signal path has been optimized and a toroidal transformer is used – both of which serve to reduce hum and noise while keeping weight to a minimum. The two-tier power conversion of the AudioPro AP-Series amplifiers approaches efficiency levels normally associated with switching power supply technology; yet provide the superior transient response and low distortion of the best analog designs.

AudioPro amplifier designs, while unique, are conservative with regard to the power handling capabilities of the output devices. To further assure trouble-free operation, all AudioPro amplifiers undergo a thorough computer-monitored, temperature-cycled, burn-in period to test for any deviation from design parameters.

The back panel features Speakon™ and binding post outputs as well as balanced XLR & ¼" TRS inputs. The peak limiter, subsonic filter, mono/stereo/bridge mode and ground lift switches are also mounted on the back panel. The unique Yorkville Impedance Mode switch (AP800 & AP2020), also located on the back panel, allows the user to select full output power into two or four ohms for maximum application flexibility.

Sturdy all-steel construction with a baked-on, black finish is used throughout and, for ease of integration, the amplifiers feature reinforced mounting ears and a compact two or three rack-space design.

All AudioPro amps come with Yorkville's standard two-year (even if you break it!) transferable warranty (valid in USA and Canada only).

The Limiter Switch

All AudioPro power amplifiers have a user defeatable limiter circuit switch located on the back panel, next to the input jacks. That limiter is there to protect high frequency loudspeaker components that could be damaged by even small amounts of clipping when an amplifier is being driven close to its maximum output into a full-range cabinet.

When driving subwoofers at the maximum rated output power of the amplifier however, allowing a small amount of clipping at the output of the amplifier is considered an excellent trade-off to get a potential 2dB or 3dB increase in volume, and a small amount of clipping will not damage low frequency drivers. Defeating that limiter allows AudioPro amplifiers to run closer to clipping, and increases the audible volume by potentially as much as 3dB.

Competitive amplifiers without user defeatable limiting either, A) Set their limiting too high to actually offer any practical real-world high frequency component protection, or B) Set their limiting so low that they limit the amplifier’s overall potential headroom.

When comparing AudioPro AP-Series amplifiers to any competitive product, remember to turn the limiter off to feel the increased output when driving subwoofers. However, please note, you should remember to use the limiter when driving full range cabinets. You are less likely to do high frequency component damage with that limiter set to ‘on’.

AP Series Characteristics

  • Designed for rock solid performance right down to and below their lowest impedance ratings

  • Will easily drive reactive phase shifted loads

  • Advanced protection schemes including DC current, load, thermal and breaker protection

  • User-defeatable peak limiter that is transparent below clipping levels

  • 'Soft turn-on' circuit eliminates damage to attached components and prevents nuisance breaker-tripping

  • Computer-optimized Silentfan front-to-back heat dissipation system

  • Long-life, faceplate-mounted, user serviceable, air intake filters

  • Front panel Power, Protect, Activity and Clip LED's

  • Speakon and binding post outputs

  • Balanced XLR & 1/4" TRS inputs

  • Impedance Mode switch ( AP800 & AP2020 )

  • Sturdy all-steel construction

  • Baked-on, black finish

  • Reinforced mounting ears

  • User defeatable limiter circuit

  • An amp for all needs - Wattage ratings ranging from 160 watts per channel @ 8 ohms ( AP800 ) to 4000 watts bridged @ 4 ohms ( AP6020 )


Warranty Information:

Yorkville Tech Support 716.297.2920 (2 year unlimited and transferable warranty) Yorkville Website You can reach the service departments at the following addresses: Canada & International Yorkville Sound 550 Granite Court Pickering, Ontario Canada L1W3Y8 Phone (905)837-8481 Fax (905)839-5776 Email: United States Yorkville Sound Inc. 4625 Witmer Industrial Estate Niagara Falls, NY USA 14305 Phone (716)297-2920 Fax (716)297-3689 Email:

Yorkville AP1020 Power Amplifier 2x400 WRMS Stereo


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