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YSM Series
YSM Series Overview

Why pay through the nose to please your ears? After more than 30 years of designing and building speaker cabinets, we know how to get it right...the sound and the price. Ideally suited for small studio/control room and fixed installation applications, Yorkville studio monitors deliver tight, punchy bass with superior clarity and imaging. The studio standard YSM1 has expanded its family to include a complete range of solutions like the jazzy YSM1i and the active YSM1p. All based on the great sound of the YSM1.

YSM2P - Powered Monitor - 46w, 5.25 inch / 1 inch

The YSM2P powered speaker enclosure system is an advanced studio monitor. It is equally at home in a professional recording studio, project studio, or even a living room. Development of the renowned YSM1P has helped us provide the YSM2P with functionality and user-friendliness at a truly reasonable cost. Components include a 1-inch domed tweeter and a 5 1/4-inch woofer. The woofer is a low-resonance 4-ohm driver fabricated with a woven laminate cone (which helps promote use of the full 32 watts of power from the YSM2P’s internal LF amplifier). The HF side of amplifier is capable of delivering up to 14 watts to the 1-inch, high-performance tweeter. Optimal performance is also achieved by use of an active crossover specifically developed for the YSM2P. The YSM2P also features an input trim control for precision tweaking according to room acoustics.

A smooth frequency response gives the YSM2P ample source representation without equalization. A precisely tuned active crossover enables each driver to take advantage of the bi-amplification. ¼-inch or XLR input jacks allow for maximum versatility.

The input, located at the rear of the enclosure, accepts line-level signal only (not speaker level). It is ideal to use balanced, shielded cables with a ¼-inch (TRS) or XLR connector however unbalanced 1/4-inch jacks can also be used. Each YSM2P should be connected to a single line-level source (e.g., the Right or Left line output from a mixer or preamp). If you want to use multiple YSM2Ps, they can be interconnected using "Y" adaptors.

The Input Trim control allows you to adjust the volume of each monitor until the desired sound level and Left/Right (or Front/Rear) balance is achieved. If clipping distortion becomes audible, reduce the Input Trim level. If more signal reduction is needed, lower your line level from the source with the mixer’s master level controls.

Shielded drivers ensure the YSM2P’s can be located close to computer and video monitors or hard drive recording systems.

The YSM2P uses a bi-amplification system with separate power amps for the tweeter and the woofer The YSM2P utilizes an electronically active crossover network tuned specifically for each driver. This type of crossover network divides the signal much more precisely than traditional passive crossover networks.

Bookmatched Left/Right pairs
Bi-amplified operation features 32-watts of low frequency power and 14-watts for the high frequency
Components include a 1-inch domed tweeter and a woven laminate cone 5 1/4-inch woofer
Precisely tuned active crossover enables each driver to take advantage of the bi-amplification
1/4-inch TRS or XLR input jacks
Input Trim control allows you to adjust the volume of each monitor
Power switch is located at the rear of the enclosure

Warranty Information:

Yorkville Tech Support 716.297.2920 (2 year unlimited and transferable warranty) Yorkville Website You can reach the service departments at the following addresses: Canada & International Yorkville Sound 550 Granite Court Pickering, Ontario Canada L1W3Y8 Phone (905)837-8481 Fax (905)839-5776 Email: United States Yorkville Sound Inc. 4625 Witmer Industrial Estate Niagara Falls, NY USA 14305 Phone (716)297-2920 Fax (716)297-3689 Email:

Yorkville YSM2P Powered Monitor 5 inch woofer (Each) -


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