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Fostex VF80 Digital Multitracker

The VF-80 8-Track Digital Recorder with CD burner is the next generation of the popular VF-08 8 track recorder. New features include a 20 gigbyte hard drive, guitar amp modeling, mic modeling, mastering mode, and "training" mode (for slowing songs down to half speed without changing the pitch). This is a very cool recording device!

The Fostex VF80 is the breakthrough digital multitracker positioned at the pricing divide between digital and analog MTR's. Inheriting many of the technologies Fostex has developed in their long history of MTR designs, the VF80 offers 8-track digital recording, an intuitive digital mixer, improved A.S.P.+ digital effects, 99 scene memory, wave form display, XLR inputs with phantom power, and the list goes on. Based on its predecessor, the VF80 comes with improved features including a superior on-board effects chip and an internal CD-1A CD-R/RW burner.


     New and Improved A.S.P.+ Effects
     Guitar Effects
     Microphone Modeling
     Guitar Amp Modeling
     Factory-installed 20GB drive (64 hrs. mono/8 hrs 8-track recording; non-compressed)
     2 Guitar inputs
     2 XLR inputs with phantom power
     S/PDIF I/O
     Mastering Effects
     Training mode - helps you learn music passages and eliminate pre-recorded vocals

Warranty Information:

Fostex Tech Support 562.921.1112 (1 year warranty on parts/90 days on labor) Fostex Website



This item has been discontinued.

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