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Remo Enforcer EDS2001 Drum Set With Cymbals
Young students deserve a real drum set to learn on, and the Enforcer EDS2001 by Remo is the answer. In the past, the choice was either small sets that were really toys or drum sets that were too expensive. The Enforcer EDS2001 by Remo offers a real alternative.

The Enforcer drum set is a 5-piece kit that easily fits small spaces, and parents or teenagers budgets, while still providing big drum set sound and feel. The Enforcers 5.5x 14 metal snare and double-braced stand allow the right playing height and easy access to the mounted toms. A 16x22 bass drum and two mounted toms (both with 12 lugs each for more precise tuning), and a 16x16 floor tom complete the package. But theres much more.

The EDS001 drum set includes a drum throne and cymbals: 1- 16 crash ride, and 1-pair 14 hi-hats. Other features include telescoping bass drum spurs, ratcheted cymbal tilter; individual mounts for each tom, and even Remo drum heads! But the most important feature is the quality.

Whether youre an experienced player looking for a rehearsal set, or a student whos just getting started the Enforcer EDS2001 by Remo is a clear choice in affordable drum sets

The Enforcer EDS2001 offers drummers a quality instrument at a great value. Featuring a full 5-piece setup with quality deep-shell power tom toms and double-braced stands -- with throne and cymbals included -- this drum set provides incredible value for the aspiring drummer.

The Enforcer EDS2001 includes:

  • Double-braced hardware and drum throne
  • A 5.5 x 14 metal snare with 12 lugs
  • Two power toms (13 x 12 and 12 x 11), each with 10 lugs
  • A 16 x 16 floor tom with 10 lugs
  • A 16 x 22 bass drum with 16 lugs
  • Telescoping Bass Drum Spurs
  • Ratcheted Cymbal Tilter and Cymbals

(Available in - black, blue, green, silver, wine red)

EnForcer Drum Kit Complete


This item has been discontinued.

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Customer Reviews:

Review of Buy EnForcer Drum Kit Complete EDS2001 Discontinued

Overall Rating by Customers:

Sound Quality
Features 5
Ease Of Use 4
Value 5
Reliability 6
Overall 4

Based on 11 Reviews.

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Review of ENFORCER EDS2001


Sound Quality 10
Features 10
Ease Of Use 10
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 10
I bought this drumset back in 2001. Although the cymbal and hi-hat cymbals dented, it was good. I've been a drummer for years and this is a great set to buy if you're strapped for cash and want to buy one. To this day, I have this set. I have replaced all the heads, added cymbals, a double bass pedal, and an extra snare. So far, my set has not disappointed me. Like I said before, if you don't have alot of money, get his set. Then, little by little, add things here and there. You won't regret it. I don't. It gets the job done no matter if I'm playing rock, metal, Mexican music, whatever. IT ROCKS!!!!

Review of ENFORCER EDS2001


Sound Quality 2
Features 5
Ease Of Use 4
Value 2
Reliability 1
Overall 1
It's impossible to exaggerate just how BAD these drums are. #13 #10 I shudder that anyone would think they are a real musical instrument. One of my students was asked to play a set owned by a local church and asked me to tune them. Try as I might, even using studio rings, I could not get rid of unpleasant overtones and rings. Much of this was generated by the cheap hardware that buzzed, rattled, and would not lock in place. Avoid at all all costs!!

Review of ENFORCER EDS2001


Sound Quality 7
Features 6
Ease Of Use 8
Value 9
Reliability 6
Overall 7
Kit is not that bad for a beginners drum set. We looked at a used Pearl that was still over $600. This set serves its purpose and is a complement to my electronic drum set. I gave this an overall 7 and if you have a child learning to play....this is a good value.

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